Come hold my hand and play today the integrated way! I will be with you eternally, for the Storm's Embrace to be. And I know you need the world to be the perfect reality. And when we dream our songs so sure, we find that we believe!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

With a View, the Heart of Me and You!

I bless you. I keep you close to my heart. Come and play with monsters and we will show you how to tame. They are but little children, who think they need guilt and shame, but I say, it's put under and not to be thought of again. We have better things to do now, than walk this way again. Freedom and wisdom that's my only friends. I am the relative to all my world God brings. And now it's time to be good servants again.

I bless you. I keep you close to my heart. Each step that I walk, I think of your loving heart. And I know you are thinking how lonely you have become, but I say, relatives they are coming to bring us home again. Even though, we don't spill words but run inside the wind. We are here to flow with you, inside the flesh and soul again. We are bringing heaven and earth, to the rising sun again. Sow I bless you, every seed in you, that grows and grows and grows. Come lets bless you. Come lets skip to, the heartbeat with an eternal breath of wind. There we will find all that grows, will have a perfect radiant shine, because Magenta, is the center of the whole entire world of mine.

I bless the dancing of the light, and the dark that flow within. And we hope to say, that's the place, the Great Caretaker lives in Grace. And we are lucky stars like copper pennies that offer us release (water-electron discharge-relaxation) into the air. We know freedom and true lovers, who come sacred in all their wells (abundant waters). We will sail into joy if we put the old away, and begin, the heart of the new, the Golden Brotherhood of these days.

I bless you. The days are few I say. And I want you to know, the heart of all of your show. It's the way you move, while you dance like you should. It's the way, you're sure, even when all is not known. We have comfort in you, as you dance and sing as one. We try to emulate you, but we look upon the rising sun. And it's love that pours from you. And it's where we run and few, are as lucky as we are to know, the greatest show is always the horizon, in every part of this world.

I bless the setting and the snow (diamonds, the mathematical perfection). I bless the rising and the hoar (permaculture of diamonds, the crystalline stone river, like a geode or a crystalline agate growth inside enclosed in circumference). I bless the greatness and the small. I bless all them after all. I bless the streets of sin again. I bless most everything I can. I bless the ways, you summon me, to show me the way to liberty. Show me, the way to be warrior pure. For you are here to be the truth (crystal people, we speaking) and we are the door, Magenta (we speaking in space, not a moving door, but a passageway that delivers movement, the bridge over troubled waters, between two realms, a threshold and place to cleanse the flesh and the soul/bless before you cross over into the other realms) the Center of the World, who knows the sun, when it glows.

I bless you, when high and low. I bless you when all is stark. I bless you, and then I bless you, to say, that God (G_ah_d: the utterance of the voice, from heaven, that transmits. Story Sharing) is home. To say that God is home. To say, God is really home. Finally another day, to wake up and enjoy our ways, to be filled with love each day, to be responsible for only our hearts to play. There we find a new dawning day. There we walk into the hills of yesterday, to find new blossoms and forever rolling hills, to say, my magic has only begun to grow. To dance like you! (the magenta person). To move like you! (the magenta person). To have the magic in the rainbows! To have the soul and flesh at home within! To gift the greatest passage booking, to find a boat that sails in the winds. You will guide us and show us. You will be there too. You will show the world how, to have a perfect view. The rainbow at the horizon. The waterfall standing near. The animals and beasts are churning, on what's next to hear. We lie down in sweet meadows. We gift our hearts to God, and then we wake up refreshed again, to fight another day. To fight another day! To be the Rainbow Warrior, to fight for LOVING WAYS!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Christmas Story

In September 1960, I woke up one morning with six hungry babies and just 75 cents in my pocket.  Their father was gone.  The boys ranged from three months to seven years; their sister was two.  Their Dad had never been much more than a presence they feared.  Whenever they heard his tires crunch on the gravel driveway they would scramble to hide under their beds.

He did manage to leave $15 a week to buy groceries. Now that he had decided to leave, there would be no more beatings, but no food either. If there was a welfare system in effect in southern Indiana at that time, I certainly knew nothing about it.

I scrubbed the kids until they looked brand new and then put on my best homemade dress, loaded them into the rusty old 51 Chevy and drove off to find a job.  The seven of us went to every factory, store and restaurant in our small town.  No luck.

The kids stayed crammed into the car and tried to be quiet while I tried to convince who ever would listen that I was willing to learn or do anything. I had to have a job. Still no luck. The last place we went to, just a few miles out of town, was an old Root Beer Barrel drive-in that had been converted to a truck stop.  It was called the Big Wheel.

An old lady named Granny owned the place and she peeked out of the window from time to time at all those kids.  She needed someone on the graveyard shift, 11 at night until seven in the morning. She paid 65 cents an hour, and I could start that night.

I raced home and called the teenager down the street that baby-sat for people.  I bargained with her to come and sleep on my sofa for a dollar a night.  She could arrive with her pajamas on and the kids would already be asleep.  This seemed like a good arrangement to her, so we made a deal.

That night when the little ones and I knelt to say our prayers, we all thanked God for finding Mommy a job. And so I started at the Big Wheel. When I got home in the mornings I woke the baby-sitter up and sent her home with one dollar of my tip money-- fully half of what I averaged every night.

As the weeks went by, heating bills added a strain to my meager wage. The tires on the old Chevy had the consistency of penny balloons and began to leak. I had to fill them with air on the way to work and again every morning before I could go home.

One bleak fall morning, I dragged myself to the car to go home and found four tires in the back seat. New tires!  There was no note, no nothing, just those beautiful brand new tires.  Had angels taken up residence in Indiana ? I wondered.

I made a deal with the local service station. In exchange for his mounting the new tires, I would clean up his office.  I remember it took me a lot longer to scrub his floor than it did for him to do the tires.

I was now working six nights instead of five and it still wasn't enough. Christmas was coming and I knew there would be no money for toys for the kids. I found a can of red paint and started repairing and painting some old toys. Then I hid them in the basement so there would be something for Santa to deliver on Christmas morning. Clothes were a worry too. I was sewing patches on top of patches on the boys pants and soon they would be too far gone to repair. 

On Christmas Eve the usual customers were drinking coffee in the Big Wheel. There were the truckers, Les, Frank, and Jim, and a state trooper named Joe.  A few musicians were hanging around after a gig at the Legion and were dropping nickels in the pinball machine. The regulars all just sat around and talked through the wee hours of the morning and then left to get home before the sun came up.

When it was time for me to go home at seven o'clock on Christmas morning, to my amazement, my old battered Chevy was filled full to the top with boxes of all shapes and sizes.  I quickly opened the driver's side door, crawled inside and kneeled in the front facing the back seat. Reaching back, I pulled off the lid of the top box.

Inside was whole case of little blue jeans, sizes 2-10! I looked inside another box: It was full of shirts to go with the jeans.  Then I peeked inside some of the other boxes. There was candy and nuts and bananas and bags of groceries. There was an enormous ham for baking, and canned vegetables and potatoes.  There was pudding and Jell-O and cookies, pie filling and flour. There was whole bag of laundry supplies and cleaning items.  And there were five toy trucks and one beautiful little doll.

As I drove back through empty streets as the sun slowly rose on the most amazing Christmas Day of my life, I was sobbing with gratitude.  And I will never forget the joy on the faces of my little ones that precious morning.


Yes, there were angels in Indiana that long-ago December. And they all hung out at the Big Wheel truck stop.... THE POWER OF PRAYER. I believe that God only gives three answers to prayer:

1. 'Yes!'
2. 'Not yet.'
3. 'I have something better in mind.'

God still sits on the throne, and it's you! "I am"

Brought to you by Willed One Whispering Silence

Warriors of the Earth  

Come and dance and sing a journey, find the joy inside your heart. Won't you come and sing and dance with me your fondest part. I will be with you always, because my heart longs for better days. And I can see, the heart of magic, when you come home inside your head. Don't be cruel instead of find renewal in all you do and say, then you will be here in the land, where Brotherhood is all we do. I will be here with you God, the heart of all who say "I could", and I know you will join me soon, as we learn how to dance and sing! Come and dance and sing, join the heart of brotherhood.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guardian Wilbur the Talking Tree for Willed One Whispering Silence

Wilbur means "desire a fortress".  He is the will of majesty.  He comes to pull the head out of me.  His name is Wilbur the Talking Tree, and he longs to be part of thee, but if you don't speak to the wind, then Wilbur will not come again.  He comes to hold your hand today, to teach you love in all your ways.  The deer came because he commanded to speak the journey of love's demands.  He sent the whispering command, to shed the light upon the land.  

He is place, the halls of justice claim waste upon, the shoulders of those who have no song! Place offers a space, that offer law of love, where you can go there, to be held in song, to whispering of branches that do long.

Hear the wind, in the sound, is a place.  That place is safe, for those without song, don't know souls, and they don't where to go, he offers a space, for them to contemplate the right way.

Silence in the storm, where Twin Deer Mother visioned you as silence.  Wilbur offers a place to contemplate.  Wilbur says, "Once you are there, I'll teach you the right way to go."  He is the one who brought the deer, the place to heal your heart.  The deer is medicine for you, Willed One Whispering Silence.  Come to be with me today, guarding you with a place, as you magenta person, you are place, the halls of the wind, to a safe place, that is how he guards you.

Hall of winds is where God lives.  The Jews call it the "house of winds".  Transmigrate the eternal circle, the hall of winds, and he offers you solace, when you follow the path of song.  Are you singing, song and dance?  Trust yourself in song!

Guardian Wilbur's Heart Song Sings to Willed One Whispering Silence, the halls of wind, the center of time.

Care about me, when I am down.  Swirl away that mighty frown.  Do you have to be so undone, when all you have to do is sing!

Care about you, when your down.  Carry a tune all around.  Come and be the sound of thee, morning glory that is me.  Why don't you see, the waves of make believe?  Why don't feel, the heart, that need you nil (avoid, to be nothing, but silence)?  I say, don't be glory if you don't believe, instead shed your heartbreak and show me how to fill.  Fill your heart up, with love every day.  Fill your heart up, and give it all away.  Don't you see my love is grown, from out of a tree (the law of love that unites separated bonds).  Don't you feel the whispering, that comes from me?

Care about me, won't you?  I am here to serve you. I want you to know, happiness is here for you.  Why don't you feel me, what must I do for you. I have been with you always, but you don't seek and believe.  I say, my heart knows glory, but you must share my heartbeat, and only when you realize that I must be part of the hive.

Care about me, won't you, the land a place of rescue, and law of love will accompany, when we share hearts of love.  Don't think one over the other. Instead think we are brothers, because the law is telling me, that we need share the land.  And I have come to warn you, the medicine, I have gifted.  And the deer will always show you, the way to open your heart. 

I say don't be lonely, because I come to hold thee.  And I will be here always, because my love is for you.  And I will always be here, because God always does fear, and those who believe in justice, will hold the hand of God.  And if you don't believe me, then you shall only conceive me, because the silence will fill you, when you don't have anywhere to go.  And I will be there and catch you.  I will be with you always, because my love is stable, the kind you seek each day. 

Care about me won't you, the place, that God holds near you, the place, we are not left alone, the place, we hold your heart.  And I say, that I love you, and we can be together, just remember I am with you, then you can call on me.  I am the Wilbur of Justice, the kind of love, that knows us, the kind of sadness that is forsaken, because we do not care.  But if you start to care for, the love of your brothers, then we will have a place for them to go, while they command.  They will have a place of silence, the meditating silence, the place we hold in refuge, the land that God gave to us. 

And I say, don't hide from me, instead, call me to you, because I come from justice, the tree that holds your heart.  And I will always be here.  And I will always care for, the land, of rolling rivers, the place, that God gifts to us.  And I say, care about me, the place we go together, the place, we hold the enemy, who calls us to command.  And when we hold our brother, the one who hates our Mother, then we will show them better, how to live upon the land.  And we will be the guidance, to show the hands of blindness, the way of salvation is brotherhood, the place, we hold their hands.  And I will be here longing, for better days of songing, and we can dance together, when we see the silence blowing away! (journey free in the winds of time)

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother who comes along, to bring the hearts together, when they do only whisper, to show the world of wonder, that song, does bring us along!

Warriors of the Earth  

Come and dance and sing a journey, find the joy inside your heart.  Won't you come and sing and dance with me your fondest part.  I will be with you always, because my heart longs for better days. And I can see, the heart of magic, when you come home inside your head.  Don't be cruel instead of find renewal in all you do and say, then you will be here in the land, where Brotherhood is all we do.  I will be here with you God, the heart of all who say "I could", and I know you will join me soon, as we learn how to dance and sing!  Come and dance and sing, join the heart of brotherhood.

A New Model for Full Planetary Phases: The Venus Journey

Venus behind the Sun

By Adam Gainsburg December 1, 2009
With the current leveling of our structures and bodies by the transiting Saturn-Pluto square, along with the exposing of both our illusions and further visions a la the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune stellium, one might wonder if there’s any other sky story worthy of our attention now. In fact, there is, this January.

Since 2003, I’ve actively followed the synodic cycles of Mars-Sun and Venus-Sun, both through extensive sky-watching from many locations and through researching my client and celebrity files. I’ve investigated how ancient sky-watching wisdom from Babylonian, Egyptian, Celtic, and other cultures might be brought to bear on contemporary psychological and consciousness development today. I wish to go further than mundane considerations — but certainly not exclude them — and to meld our ancient and current skills for the purpose of exposing how a more complete vision of our astrological future might be engendered. It seemed to me that our post-postmodern focus on a more complex, yet integrated, emotional, psychological, and spiritual life was asking to be integrated with the ancients’ masterful awareness of direct-sky watching. If viable, such a marriage would further deepen us into what it means to be terrestrial and celestial simultaneously.
This January, the two most transformational events in the synodic lives of Mars and Venus will occur within two weeks of one another — what I have named Transcendence and Transmutation. These phases in the Mars-Sun and Venus-Sun cycles are the templates for our deepest inner and best outer masculine and feminine selves. They are our personal Shiva and Shakti, our own sacred masculine and feminine.

Synode-Nativity Work
Only through the synodic cycle do we see the larger developmental intention, the natal planetary phase, any relevant star testimonies, and important visual attributes of the birth moment. To understand how synodic and natal delineations work together, first assess the entire natal condition of the planet in question — i.e., sign, house, aspects, dignity, etc. This is the native’s core masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus) wiring, their personal masculine and feminine ’story’. Next, frame that multivalent image within the native’s planet-Sun synodic cycle — by phase, and by visual and physical attributes. Similar in concept to lunar phases, synodes are wonderful framing devices for natal and personal transit work. With both being considered, and in proper relationship to one another, a more robust and complete picture of someone’s full nature emerges: not only who someone individually is but what someone collectively contributes to the larger human unfolding. I often describe the natal synodic picture as a personal masculine/feminine dharma.

January 2010
On January 11, Venus will conjunct the Sun in her superior conjunction, marking what I call her Transmutational Underworld Phase (TMU), at 4:00 pm ET at 21°32′ Capricorn (tropical zodiac). TMU lets us know that Venus is invisible (co-rising with the Sun) and moving at her most rapid direct velocity. What the ancients observed, and what holds true for us today, is the correlation of the superior conjunction to a transmutation of those energies standing in the way of better, more appropriate expressions of Venusian functioning (the planet under synodic consideration).
graphic shows Venus behind the Sun at superior conjunction (Jan 11, 2010)

The visual experience of superior conjunction is of course an invisible Venus. Within us, however, even today, we sense/know that the Sun and Venus alchemize together to act as a doorway into what has been called “the underworld” for millenia. We can further understand the superior conjunction to force the Earth and Venus into a spatial polarity to one another, with the Sun positioned as their archetypal midpoint. The Sun inhabits the vesica region, the intersecting ripple patterns of influence of both planets.
graphic shows Venus-Sun-Earth archetypal ‘displacement’ at superior conjunction
Venus Sun Earth
When this is observed on a nativity, in phase progression or in mundane work, an archetypal loss occurs. What is lost here is not the content of the individual psyche — personal fears and contractive patterns — but the blueprint of our otherwise natural relationship with Venus. We (Earth) effectively lose ourselves as our own feminine (socio-physiological) center. We further find that it’s been replaced by the alchemical Venus + Sun being described above. This type of synodic transit event catalyzes a deeper effect on us than a traditionally conceived Venus-Sun conjunction. It’s been my observation that its influence is as strong and lasting for an individual as any hard outer-planet transit, and may have equal impact on the collective level as well.
Venus’ Journey is consistently 19-months in duration. From extensive research with thousands of client and celebrity charts, I’ve come to name Venus’ phases (in order):

1. Self-Conception (Transmigrational Underworld – see graphic #3 for explanation)
2. Gestation (Transmigrational Underworld)
3. Birth
4. Adolescence
5. Maturity
6. Queen’s Descent (Surrender & Discovery)
7. Transmutational Underworld (see graphic #3)
8. ReBirth
9. Queen’s Ascent (Remembering & Embodiment)
10. Wholeness
11. Crone
12. Completion (Transmigrational Underworld)

Venus’ Underworlds
Venus experiences two distinct underworld periods associated with each of her Sun conjunctions. They are entirely different in visual quality/experience and inner meaning, as may be obvious to many. The first phase, Transmigration, sees Venus retrograde at inferior conjunction (thus invisible), effectively shifting the previous cycle to the next. The most recent Transmigration took place on March 27, 2009, when Venus transmigrated out of the former Leo Journey (8-17-07 to 3-26-09) and began the current Aries Journey at 7°15′ Aries. Transmigration is the Omega/Alpha point in humanity’s developing feminine nature. The lessons learned or avoided through our Leo Femininity (prior cycle) are now being worked out through Aries (current cycle). How we’ve embraced ourselves in acceptance and love, how we’ve discovered or avoided ourselves as creators of our world, now is put to the test. This Aries Journey may be about acting from our creative natures, bravely testing new ways to relate, facing our fear of connecting with different kinds of people, and defending what’s important. It’s an active, experimental, and heart-driven Feminine. Keep in mind that the terms ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ do not refer to gender and gender issues, but to core principles inherent in each woman, man, and child.
Venus phases
Transmutation Phase
In contrast, and the subject of this series of articles, Venus’ next Transmutation Phase on January 11 (superior conjunction, invisible, fastest direct motion) immerses Venus in the core transformative process within the current Aries cycle. TMU is the midpoint of any journey and marks Venus’ precise changeover from morning-sky to night-sky (albeit invisibly). The governing intention of this and every other phase, however, remains Aries. To clarify this idea for those new to synodic delineation, we can form the question, How will Aries’ femininity develop/grow/evolve through her transition from morning-sky, to invisibility, to night-sky? Or, how will Aries’ femininity, the sign of the overall journey, radically transform from 29° Scorpio — her first disappearance in the morning sky — through 14° Pisces — her first reappearance in the evening sky? Scorpio through Pisces are the signs Venus inhabits while moving through the Transmutation Phase (TMU).
TMU occurs at the temporal midpoint in each Venus Journey, indicating that its purpose is to shift us from morning to evening Venus, yet still within that Journey’s developmental arc. Venus enters TMU having completed her entire morning-sky period with all the impulsiveness, violence, and entitlement ascribed to early morning Venus for thousands of years. She will exit, though, as Night Star, exhibiting all the benevolent, goddess-like qualities we’ve equally inherited from the past.
The Queen’s Ascent and ReBirth Phases
In her evening-turned-night period, Venus’ movement ascends — growing brighter with each passing night, sending her benefic-ial rays to touch more of the sky (increasing magnitude). While the entire transition occurs within this Aries Journey, she will emerge from TMU stripped of inhibiting assumptions, orientations, and needs, such as impatience, impulsiveness, and anger. Venus’ evening emergence is her ReBirth Phase, which occurs on February 23, 2010 at 14° Pisces, marking her night-sky heliacal rise or EF (“evening first”).
Interestingly, late February through early March will see the meaning of Venus’ ReBirth phase (entirely distinct from her earlier Birth Phase) become wedded to the dialogue between Jupiter and Uranus. Venus will conjunct Jupiter at 6° Pisces on February 16 while still invisible (yet close to reappearing), and Uranus, visibly, on March 3 at 25° Pisces, in the ReBirth phase. This celestial transference of information between Jupiter and Uranus through our feminine functioning will play out a core theme of rebirth. How so? When the Venus arrow moves from Jupiter to Uranus, we are beckoned to surrender our cognitive superiority and dissociation and the rote seeking of hollow, yet seemingly expansive, experiences. Instead we can redirect that energy into inventively crafting our new creations with others. Now, set this delineation into the larger frame of Venus’ ReBirth Phase — collaborating on new plans with others, seeking nurturing and liberating situations, and an earnest yet naïve optimism — and Venus’ ReBirth, as an evolutionary response to her prior Transmutation, can trigger a newfound capacity to boldly create with others where pre-set beliefs and fears reigned before. The real-time results will be profound for many aligned to Venus’ rhythms, either archetypally or activated through natal sensitive degrees to these synode hot spots.
The New Moon at 25° Capricorn on January 15 and the conjunction of the North Node with the Sun-Venus superior conjunction at 21° Capricorn are two additional events playing important roles in Venus’ Transmutational Underworld Phase of 2010. Colleagues are encouraged to add these events into their own investigations into the Venus-Sun synode.
This January, feminine Venus and masculine Mars will align their most transformational phases with one another. On the 11th Venus reaches superior conjunction with the Sun, known herein as her Transmutational Underworld Phase. And on the 29th, Mars enters his retrograde opposition to the Sun, what I call his Transcendence Phase. The Moon meets up with Mars during Transcendence as well, forming that month’s Full Moon. This creates a powerful set of polarities:  Sun (masculine) and Venus (feminine), Mars (masculine) and Moon (feminine). This is one of the most potent sacred science formulas for activating seed potential, changing our internal rules about who we are and what our options are, and most importantly, forging a robust and mutual partnership between our inner masculine and feminine selves. With Mars highest, brightest and visibly reddest, and Venus invisible behind the Sun, it’s time to devote to our deepest desires (red Mars) which emanate from our deepest heart (invisible Venus).

Adam Gainsburg has authored three books, including Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart. Adam is the founder of Soulsign Astrology and an active teacher and lecturer at astrology conferences since 2007. His work emphasizes the Heart’s evolutionary intelligence at the core of all astrological method. His next book, Bridges of Union (2010), will present a comprehensive delineation model of the phases in the Mars and Venus synodic cycles. Adam also records a monthly podcast on the synodic cycles of Venus and Mars and is developing an online tool to merge astronomical advances with astrological wisdom.

This blog was brought to you by Willed One Whispering Silence.  Adam and Willed One are good friends and she found a similarity with the 12 concepts of Venus and the 12 cosmic Women who spoke to her in vision.

Fire Offers Purification

Come and dance and sing a journey, find the joy inside your heart.  Won't you come and sing and dance with me your fondest part.  I will be with you always, because my heart longs for better days. And I can see, the heart of magic, when you come home inside your head.  Don't be cruel instead of find renewal in all you do and say, then you will be here in the land, where Brotherhood is all we do.  I will be here with you God, the heart of all who say "I could", and I know you will join me soon, as we learn how to dance and sing!  Come and dance and sing, join the heart of brotherhood.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Clear Your Energy Field with This Simple Meditation Of a Tree

This is a great way to clear your body and your aura from miscellaneous guides or angels that you may have asked for assistance, and forgot to thank and release.

What of these energies are truly needful to your body and soul now?

1. Think of a tree. Think of a mature tree, on your own property, or a tree that you know from passing by it or spending time with it in some way. Don´t create an imaginary tree; this tree must be in physical form now, and preferably mature enough to be considered an adult tree. If you have a devic tree on your property that you commun with regularly, that is ideal.

2. Ask the tree if it can help you. Do this with your heart, and you will hear, usually, an exciting willingness to be supportive of you. They also just like being included in human activities at a more conscious level.

3. Visualize the tree in your mind´s eye.

4. Feel the space inside of your body. Now feel not just your physicl body, but the space outside of your body. Feel the space 2 feet around your body in all directions. 2 feet below your feet, 2 feet above your head, and all of the space inside of this area, including your physical body.

5. Feel of the heaviness or see the little patchs that aren´t clear and smooth. These are energies with which your body and soul are no longer engaging. These energies, by simple matter of your seeing them, as saying that they are ready to go.

6. Take a deep breath, filling slowly from your toes upward. Breath into  your low back, and them into your solar plexius and chest. As you breath in let yourself feel all of the space within your body as well as in the space around you, up to 2 feet away. Slowly exhale from the bottom up, letting
everything that is cloudy or heavy or just doesn´t feel like you roll up and and sit on the limbs of the tree.

Let the energies that are no longer tuned to your soul and body know that  you are not discarding them. They are going to the tree, and will be cared for. Because we called these energies to us (knowingly or perhaps will only a little bit of awareness) it is important that we also release them with appreciation for their coming to our call

7 Take a second breath in, again breathing from your toes up. Again, let yourself feel or sense anything in your space, up to 2 feet away from you. Exhale, with appreciation for all those who have come to help you, and ease them out as you breath out. Let them go and sit in the branches of the tree.

8 Now bring your focus back to your body. Find the space all around you up to 4 feet away from you in all directions. This is a little farther out from  your body than your arms can stretch. Be sure to go underneath your feet as well as above your head. Include all of the space from side to side, and inside of your body.

9 When you are ready, exhale, allowing each and every energy, guide or angel to go and sit on the tree branchs. The guides, angels or energies that are farther away from our bodies, but still in our aura, tend to feel diffeeent than those that stay closer to our bodies. They can feel more buzzy, and
give us tickling or tingling sensations.

10 As you exhale, let anything that is wanting to go flow into the tree´s embrace. Include your body and all of the space out and around you up to 4 feet in your awareness. Smile, and let this be the natural process that it is. You are clearing the space 4 feet around you in all directions, including your physical body. You are giving these energies permission to go sit in the tree limbs. You are not getting rid of them. You are asking them to sit in the tree limbs for the moment.

11 And finally, visualize, sense or feel the space all around you up to 6 feet away from your body, and including your body. Locate whatever doesn´t feel quite right. Energies that lie this far out in your aura sometimes make you feel a little dizzy or even a little naseous. These sensations are merely our mind´s way of processing their presence. It is how we know they are no longer in tune with us.

12 Sometimes you will hear tones. Let even the tones go and sit in the tree. Remember, we are not getting rid of anything. All these energies cam in for a reason, and you are thanking them, appreciating that their job is completed (because they are not in tune with you) and letting them sit in the tree.

13 Look at the tree in your mind´s eye. The limbs may be quite full of all sorts of colors and shapes. There is no need for you, as the 3 dimensional human, to know more. Allow everything in the tree, and the tree itself to turn gold. Let the entire vision within your mind´s eye turn gold. If you
like, imagine a can of gold spray point and spray it all gold.

14 Gold is the color of transmutation . By visualizing anything turning gold you are giving it permission to transmute itself. By turning the tree and all that is within it gold, you are giving everything and everyone within it permission to go to their next step. Where is it that they need to move to? Where is it that they would be in tune? Where is it that they need to go, in order to learn, and grow, and evolve? You don´t need to know the answers to such questions. Be aware that you are simply assisting their journey.

In my experience, every energy, every guide, even every angel is on an path. The journey is one of growth towards Source, or God, or All That Is. Each energy, guide, and angel, as well as our own soul, seeks to move towards what they perceive of as their spiritual home. At the moment we give them thanks and appreciation, they can step back onto that path. We need not know where they are going, merely that they have resumed the journey meant for them.

Be sure that the tree and all of the energies is gold. Allow the entire image in your mind´s eye to be golden. As this happens, the image will begin to change. The image may become smaller and smaller, until it disappears. It may turn into a golden dust and blow away. It may sprout wings and fly off... let it do whatever it wants. Stay with the image as it changes, until it has disappeared completely. That is your signal that the transformation has been completed.

What if the golden image doesn´t go away?

Double check that you turned it all gold. Try using not just a spray paint can, but perhaps a golden feather duster. Let your imagination be your guide

If the image remains after several trys, it is telling you something about your own reluctance to let go and move forward yourself. The issue that you  are holding onto is most likely the most prominent thought or experience or emotion in your awareness right now. Here is a wonderful use for talk therapy! You may want to seek out someone to help you understand this better This is a learning step for you. Any self-awareness therapies that we undertake help us to transmute spiritual energies. This includes both body-centered and talk therapies.

I can´t fall asleep at night!

This is a process of release you can repeat every day. I suggest for most people that they do it before going to sleep. If you are a performer or late-nite enthusiast, it is particularly helpful to let go of all those inspirational guides and angels. I find that when my mind is racing, or my body is vibrating, or the space around me is jumping up and down, it is because I have helpful guides from the day´s healings or writings or gardening (nature spirits) or home decorating (nature spirits of a room) or
a performance still attached. Breathing them out to the tree just says `thanks, see you next time!" And if I recognize unfinished business, such as a decision that I need to make, I´ll ask those who work with me in dreamstate to assist me with it.

This process also works well after a heated discussion with someone. Go into a space where you can be alone, such as your car or a bathroom. Take a moment to ground and find your self, and then drawn your tree to mind. Even if you are miles away from your beloved home tree, it will be glad to be of service. Remember, this is a visualization to let you let go. If you can feel anything in your body or space, that guide or angel or energy is letting you know it is ready to move on. Find your tree and breath it out with gratefulness. Norma Gentile Healing Chants PO Box 971020 Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (734) 330-3997

Clear Your Energy Field with This Simple Meditation Of a Tree

Posted by: "Tish" "Brotherhood"

Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:00 pm (PST)  Thank you Tish for your contribution in bringing us this posting!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

The tree is the place we hold our heads to reach the sky and roots to bare, the waters that flow in between, the heart of the world for all to see. The trunk tells us that God is here, because it's the heart that always bears, the law of love wins every time, when we pray to God for all to shine!

Warriors of the Earth  

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Willed One Whispering Silence's Vision of the 12 Heavenly Mothers Who Guide Us On Our Way

Title: Willed One Whispering Silence's Vision of the 12 Heavenly Mothers Who Guide Us On Our Way, the Start of Always, to tell us how to play!
By: White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother Sings the heart of Willed One Whispering Silence, the unification of Light and Dark

The hopes and dreams come into me and I must set them free.  I wonder how God must feel when all is done and shouts.  Call your Mother home to you.  Call her to be free hold her hand and walk with me so we can be majesty.

The sacred rainbow is here to fulfill the longing of our days.  And nighttime is for everyone, the place our dreams will play.  And if I could sail away, I'd sail away with you, I'd sail away with you, but I must be the portal free, where all the sails must sail. Gift my heart to everyone, that's the job for me, because I'm the center of the world where lights shall set us free.  Come majesty come Rainbow free all of us set free.  Let all of us set sail, to be in the breeze of time, to be the golden dream.

I say, what have you done, this day, to gift my heart away?  Have you beckoned me, to hold your hand to play?  now what could happen if we were free and we could go out to play?  We could be like blossoms free, falling the petals away.  The planting seeds grow in the breeze to find a new world to be and we could be the heart of thee, when we remember the breeze.

Come dawning. Come setting the sun that rises in me.  And I will be there eternally when you come home to me.  Just remember the door is open, the lights for all to see, the greatness of the horizon sun, that makes us feel the breeze.

Stop and glisten.  Stop and listen.  Stop and take my hand.  And we shall see the sun set free, the embrace of all the land.  Where heaven is the embrace we need, the place we seek each day.  and I will always go out to play when we learn to sail away.  Just remember to come back home where, you started to roam and I will be waiting for your return the place of God's homeland.

We are always.  We are always.  We are eternal beings of light and my heart will glisten and dawn when you get a good start, when you get a good start

The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses Who Represented the Continents and the Peoples of the World  White Buffalo Calf Woman Interprets Vision  for Willed One Whispering Silence: Rainbow Clan dreams to be free in flight following the flow of God. Woman is from the darkness of Heaven, the law of love, who embraces light every time.

Vision of the Twelve Mothers Goddesses speak to Willed One below.
She doesn't see the world of make believe, even though the play did say.  We are part of every heart when we choose to open doors.  If the 12 come down to delve into the place of sin, then we offer them the way if they choose to play.  But often the heart is misunderstood like Mother who always is blamed.  And we could be the righteous clan if we just choose to believe the 12 mothers who come this far are beholden to the clan the many who start and claim the land even though they don't have any part.  We belong to the single clan and it's the heart of the world.  The flood of course is still a course  to make the tides come to command (Mother's in charge).  Mothers who care for children's sake come down to impart their will, but often the children listen not and find a bill (quack quack, to speak, yet say nothing) to fill and if they think about their words and claim all they do, then children will rescue the world and all will be fulfilled.  (Rainbow warriors of prophecy)

All the world is an illusion (text about Illusions) When you wake up and plan your day, then all doesn't go the way you plan, so it's all an illusion, the way we go, is the path of God, for all to know.

Below is an excerpt from although, this is not the vision Willed One had expressed, however it is an expression of the movement of the 12 Mothers in time, the Voyage of 12 Goddesses!  

The Maiden Voyages of 12 Goddesses

In the Time Before Time ...From the central source of creation 12 pyramids of light spiraled forth.  Within each pyramid was a Goddess who swept across the darkness of the void weaving her magic through the geometry of creation to manifest stories in which souls would experience.

Goddess 1 - Harmonics  

Goddess 2 - Colors
Goddess 3 - Light and Soul Sparks
Goddess 4 - Geometry
Goddess 5 - Motion
Goddess 6 - Celestial Creations
Goddess 7 - Mythology and Storytelling
Goddess 8 - Healing
Goddess 9 - Balance
Goddess 10 - Consciousness
Goddess 11 - Time and the 11:11 Stargate
Goddess 12 - Rebirth and Regeneration

Goddess 1 - Harmonics 
I am the Goddess of Harmonics. Creation began with a tone... a soul note, a sole note, that echoed through the void of creation. That note multiplied into the complexity of a spiraling geometric matrix. Its tones beat in a pulsating rhythm combining with colors and shapes moving forth into the sea of creation. The tones and cones of creational harmonics. Celestial Harmonics Formed a Tree of Life. It all began with a tone. It all ends with a tone.  Close your eyes. Listen for your soul note. 

Goddess 2 - Colors
I am the Goddess of Color who came from the void and created the rainbow bridge. In the beginning there was a tone accompanied by my spiraling rays of light which burst forth from a central source creating matrixes allowing my soul sparks of light to emerge and experience. Souls streamed forth through kaleidoscopic prisms remaining connected through my rainbow bridge. And through our connection my light will appear to each soul as love felt deeply within their heart bringing continuity, never to feel alone or abandoned. Everything that you envision is created by the streaming rays of my light bending, refracting, reflecting moving in rhythm with the harmonics of creation. The Journey, Relax your body .... your mind. Close your eyes.
Envision my rays of colored light as they move one by one through the spiraling energy of each chakra color balancing and aligning your energy centers.  Now move your consciousness into the light to become one with me as once we were. 

Goddess 3 - Light and Soul Sparks
I am the Goddess of Light, who came from the void and created the soul sparks.  I gave them consciousness and the ability to move into the endless grid realities to experience and learn then one day return home into the light.  Relax. Close your eyes to experience the journey of your soul and how it will return home.

Goddess 4 - Geometry

I am the Goddess of Geometry and the Grids. As the Goddesses of Harmonics, Light and Color spiraled their creational energies forth I created infinite shapes to define form and expression. Geometric shapes created a network of matrixes linking all things together and to me.

These experiences are brought forth into your conscious awareness by the thoughts created in your mind. They are the projections of your experience on all levels. They combine, intertwine and often merge.  They are part of the chaos of your ever changing reality.

My forms are simple in design. Allow your thoughts to show you
the simplicity in all things.  Know that my geometric blueprint
is designed to spiral you home.

Goddess 5 - Motion
I am the Goddess of Motion and Movement.  I control the flow of energy through the collective unconsciousness.  I am the energy through which all creation seeks to maintain balance. 

I create the dance of creation in rhythmic harmonics. Relax. Close your eyes.  Move with me through the motions of your life as if a river of experience. Next connect with me to move back into the collective unconsciousness. 

Goddess 6 - Celestial Creations
I am the goddess and architect of the heavens and all that is celestial.  I maintain celestial motion and order by sweeping across the infinite universes creating endless interlocking designs.

I am forever spinning the fabric of the universe
into new patterns in which you can experience.

Relax. Close your eyes. Join me on a celestial voyage though space and time. Together we will find your star.

Goddess 7 - Mythology and Storytelling
I am the Goddess of Mythology and Storytelling. I create endless stories woven through the fabric of time following the patterns of sacred geometry.  Consciousness enters my stories to experience adventures laced with myth, math and metaphor brought forth by the Storytellers of the Ages.

Have you ever wondered where your soul has journeyed in the past and future? Select an ancient civilization that calls to you or just allow your soul to take you to a place unknown in this reality.  

Relax. Close your eyes. See that civilization as a story not in a book but in higher light frequency. Place your consciousness into the light of that creation. I will join you as we travel through the grids of eternity to find out who you are. 

Goddess 8 - Healing
I am the Goddess of Healing. Through the energies of my heart. I guide souls on their journey into awareness.  We live in the energies of green to heal ourselves and the planet.

In the illusions of reality one can get lost in the cycles of life. Now is the time to heal and remember.  

Relax. Close your eyes. Join me on a journey into the heart and your soul. Feel my energies of compassion, nurturing and unconditional love that go beyond your experiences here and have no bounds. 

Goddess 9 - Balance
I am the Goddess of Balance. You have known me in many forms in all civilizations and worked with me to restore balance on all levels. I create justice at the end of time with chaos and destruction part of the process. The journey of humanity through electromagnetic grid realities is the quest to restore balance lost in the descent into the physical. Consciousness is evolving to its natural state of light. You experience this shift in every area of life your soul signaling something will soon happen to restore balance and total consciousness. I bring reality full circle to secure the balance wheel of time and karma. Join me now on a journey to understand what is out of balance in your life and perhaps find a way to create change. Relax. Close your eyes. Ask to be shown what needs to most come into balance in your life at this time. Now ask if there is a solution. There may not always be one at this level of consciousness. 

Goddess 10 - Consciousness
I am the Goddess of Consciousness. I move in spirals and set the tone for the other 11 goddesses. Experience is created through my thoughts as guided by the souls.  It flows like a river from my thoughts to yours. It shows you all and everything as your frequency increases. Reality is consciousness brought forth as virtual holograms of experiences. It is through my energies that you expand your mind and consciousness to understand all and everything. The goal in physical reality is to create balance and return to me in higher consciousness and total awareness. Let us take a journey to that end. Relax. Close your eyes. Visualize a spiral.
Place your consciousness at the outermost point. Slowly move your consciousness toward the center. When you see me, you are moving into total consciousness.

Goddess 11 - Time

I am the Goddess of Time and the 11:11 Stargate. I create the illusion of time through the patterns of 12 Around 1. In the beginning I created a great pyramid on your planet placing its twin above to create the hourglass in the sands of time. When there was no more sand above time would stand still all would reverse and physical reality would cease to exist. 

To that end numeric codes were created and forged into physical reality below, so the souls would remember the time before time. Somewhere in time the clock moves forward to the 12:12 point of entry and closure. Join me for the closure of the journey at the 12:12 Stargate

Goddess 12 - Rebirth and Regeneration.

I am the Goddess of Rebirth and Regeneration. I come from the void and return to the void in the stories and passages of time. I go by many names in all civilizations. I am the sacred flame of creation through which all things enter and exit realities. I transform realities in the alchemy of time and consciousness. 

The time is coming for this reality to transform into something new. I prepare for this transition as does your soul for it is an aspect of my light. Close your eyes. Envision my flame cool to the touch as you enter into its light. Use this energy as guided. You are not who you think you are. Discover the wonders of the sacred light that is you.

Thank you for the many images Crystalinks provided for the 12 Goddesses and all your research you do! It is the 12 Cosmic Mothers,  who came to show the other, Willed One Whispering Silence what to do.  They have honored her with this sacred view, Goddesses each and everyone!

"Mothers who care for children's sake come down to impart their will, but often the children listen not and find a bill (quack quack, to speak, yet say nothing) to fill (emptiness) and if they think about their words and claim all they do, then children will rescue the world and all will be fulfilled.  (Rainbow Warriors of prophecy)"

Warriors of the Earth  

  White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings!

It's a world that has much to learn, and Mother is coming home with the Sun.  For we are the children who must obey her, because she embraces all we do.  

Cosmic Woman (Rainbow Mother) has returned, the heaven that we all yearn.  And now it's time to bring the Mother who shines back to our hearts to rule again.  We are part of this world, and from her womb we are bared (to bare children).  

And what do you think if heaven is within reach, the heart that longs to see you shine!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Milwaka the Female Deer Sings the Eyes Are Meant to See the World!

Elder Willed One stopped to heal a deer that was hit on the road.  Everyone drove by and did not care.  She drove back to assist the Deer, who have been medicine for her life in the past five years.  It happened to be the Deer, who was the twin heart of Willed One (a sacred restructurer of the village, as a Magenta Elder who is the great caretaker who brings brotherhood through sacred unity of realms), to assist her vision of hope to the people.

 Spirit Journey with Deer, her name is "Milwaka" which means holy reformation of the law of love. This is the Heart Song from Milwaka, the female doe!

Eyes are meant to see the world. But often they don't see, the glory that comes into me.  The glory for all to see.  I say my heart will tell the world of what I am to be, if only you could find a way to be the heart of me! 

Come and dance, sing along, glory fill my days.  Running free over rolling hills, just in the time to see.  Can't you vibrate the song to me? (Willed One used energy work on the Deer to reduce suffering) Can't you feel the breeze? I know the song must dance within, for the sun to shine again. 

There is whispers come to me, they tell me I'm the One. The one they choose to fill the world with light from deep inside the void.  Can you feel the heart of the deer?  Can you feel my fur?  I will cover and blanket you.  I will fill your void (tears).

When the sun shines in the night (Shooting star in the daylight was seen by Willed One Whispering Silence as the Deer Milwaka takes her final breaths and departs this earthly realm into heavenly space near to protect). There I find my heart, I come to you to feel the breeze, the heart that needs the breeze.

Wait a moment, I will come to rescue you like pure doves (peace within).  I will guard and treasure you, for all you did for me.  Come and bless, the holy stream, the pure, the brave, the free. And I will dance and jump for you from shore to shining sea.

I can jump moons, this day.  I can sea (vision of the heart, heavenly space) my way.  My heart beckons all to come, the holy spiritual way. 

Drumbeat (time to reflect) Drumbeat

Did you feel my heart this way?  Did you feel the light?  I can say, my love never dies away, but grows us apart (roots).  I can dance and sing a song to find my way to you.  Sow, seeds are planted one for you to share with all the views (share with everyone).

Don't forget me!  Don't weep too long!  Because I am not gone. I only traveled to the other shore, the place we go from here. I will journey to and fro. I will grow and grow.  I will see the many realms, the places for all to travel for. 

Paradise is in glory be.  The places we don't see.  Tell them open their eyes, share their hearts and all the void will be filled.  I tell you the deer always fills.

Don't forget me.  Don't tear too long, for I am not gone.  My love will journey to you only after I have gone.  Don't worry, pray to God.  Don't worry, rely on God.  Don't worry my love won't part, because my heart is like a dart (aiming with direction).  Always knowing when to depart.  Always knowing the other shore (realms to realms, like from heaven to earth or earth to heaven).  Always knowing where to go home, for my love will guide me back to where I am from, the place of heaven, the place of earth, the place my eye (third eye, vision of heavenly dark space), see the earth.  

Love me.  Love you.  Love trees (the sacred teacher of love, the laws that united heaven and earth), that's the earth.  Don't fret. Don't give up hope.  Don't be shamed in your love, instead find glory in all you do, to bring the heart home again, to bring the heart home again, to bring the heart home, to you my friend (on the other shore, the place I travel towards).  My love, my life, my relative true, I'm the deer from you!

sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother and drum by holiness running eagle shooting star

Manik (Deer/Healing Hand) - instinctual, intuitive, ritual dance, stabilizes the four directions, purifies spirit to rise above limitations.

Deer energy represents the aspect of spiritual leadership, a day that opens a portal for all to express the holiness and sanctity of life. Many shamanic rituals were performed on Deer Days giving thanks to the Ancestors. Shamans themselves were initiated on the most sacred day of all, 8 (the eternity symbol) Deer. The Deer Dance Festival was an ancient ritual dance performed annually. It is still performed today by many native cultures and symbolizes equality and balance between man and nature, hunter and hunted, the sacred rhythm of the cosmic dance.
Deer energy is the silence of all that has gone before and all that will happen in the future reflected in the eyes of the deer. The glyph itself shows a healing hand. One interpretation is that the hand is holding the spark of life, the thread that connects our past and future with our present moment.

The energy of the Deer uplifts our spirit to rise above our worldly limitations. This can be an empowering time to speak freely about strongly held beliefs for the good of the community, family and/or self. This is especially important at this time because of the shift which Earth is presently experiencing. No longer can things remain the same with the same paradigms controlling events. Now is the time for change and now is the time for that change to be oriented toward the good of humanity. Let’s look to our ancestors for the knowledge and wisdom needed in the present moment to visualize and dream a new future.
Deer energy underlies (or influences) the days of 6 Eb, the ladder or pyramid of the Road of Life; 7 Ben, the pillar or World Tree, source of all inner power; and 8 Ix, the Jaguar, Lord of Darkness, who rules the Underworld or our shadow selves, and also the Lord of four-legged animals. The sacred protection and groundedness of Deer energy provides an opportunity to travel our spiritual path of inner exploration without fear.  We are then free to express our heart-felt beliefs
for the good of humanity.

As we journey through each day, utilize the sacred energy of Deer to connect with your spirituality. This is a great time to perform ceremony, ritual and dance giving thanks to the Ancestors for the gift of life and for the opportunity to live a new future on earth through expressions of love and peace.

Warriors of the Earth