Come hold my hand and play today the integrated way! I will be with you eternally, for the Storm's Embrace to be. And I know you need the world to be the perfect reality. And when we dream our songs so sure, we find that we believe!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

With a View, the Heart of Me and You!

I bless you. I keep you close to my heart. Come and play with monsters and we will show you how to tame. They are but little children, who think they need guilt and shame, but I say, it's put under and not to be thought of again. We have better things to do now, than walk this way again. Freedom and wisdom that's my only friends. I am the relative to all my world God brings. And now it's time to be good servants again.

I bless you. I keep you close to my heart. Each step that I walk, I think of your loving heart. And I know you are thinking how lonely you have become, but I say, relatives they are coming to bring us home again. Even though, we don't spill words but run inside the wind. We are here to flow with you, inside the flesh and soul again. We are bringing heaven and earth, to the rising sun again. Sow I bless you, every seed in you, that grows and grows and grows. Come lets bless you. Come lets skip to, the heartbeat with an eternal breath of wind. There we will find all that grows, will have a perfect radiant shine, because Magenta, is the center of the whole entire world of mine.

I bless the dancing of the light, and the dark that flow within. And we hope to say, that's the place, the Great Caretaker lives in Grace. And we are lucky stars like copper pennies that offer us release (water-electron discharge-relaxation) into the air. We know freedom and true lovers, who come sacred in all their wells (abundant waters). We will sail into joy if we put the old away, and begin, the heart of the new, the Golden Brotherhood of these days.

I bless you. The days are few I say. And I want you to know, the heart of all of your show. It's the way you move, while you dance like you should. It's the way, you're sure, even when all is not known. We have comfort in you, as you dance and sing as one. We try to emulate you, but we look upon the rising sun. And it's love that pours from you. And it's where we run and few, are as lucky as we are to know, the greatest show is always the horizon, in every part of this world.

I bless the setting and the snow (diamonds, the mathematical perfection). I bless the rising and the hoar (permaculture of diamonds, the crystalline stone river, like a geode or a crystalline agate growth inside enclosed in circumference). I bless the greatness and the small. I bless all them after all. I bless the streets of sin again. I bless most everything I can. I bless the ways, you summon me, to show me the way to liberty. Show me, the way to be warrior pure. For you are here to be the truth (crystal people, we speaking) and we are the door, Magenta (we speaking in space, not a moving door, but a passageway that delivers movement, the bridge over troubled waters, between two realms, a threshold and place to cleanse the flesh and the soul/bless before you cross over into the other realms) the Center of the World, who knows the sun, when it glows.

I bless you, when high and low. I bless you when all is stark. I bless you, and then I bless you, to say, that God (G_ah_d: the utterance of the voice, from heaven, that transmits. Story Sharing) is home. To say that God is home. To say, God is really home. Finally another day, to wake up and enjoy our ways, to be filled with love each day, to be responsible for only our hearts to play. There we find a new dawning day. There we walk into the hills of yesterday, to find new blossoms and forever rolling hills, to say, my magic has only begun to grow. To dance like you! (the magenta person). To move like you! (the magenta person). To have the magic in the rainbows! To have the soul and flesh at home within! To gift the greatest passage booking, to find a boat that sails in the winds. You will guide us and show us. You will be there too. You will show the world how, to have a perfect view. The rainbow at the horizon. The waterfall standing near. The animals and beasts are churning, on what's next to hear. We lie down in sweet meadows. We gift our hearts to God, and then we wake up refreshed again, to fight another day. To fight another day! To be the Rainbow Warrior, to fight for LOVING WAYS!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Milwaka the Female Deer Sings the Eyes Are Meant to See the World!

Elder Willed One stopped to heal a deer that was hit on the road.  Everyone drove by and did not care.  She drove back to assist the Deer, who have been medicine for her life in the past five years.  It happened to be the Deer, who was the twin heart of Willed One (a sacred restructurer of the village, as a Magenta Elder who is the great caretaker who brings brotherhood through sacred unity of realms), to assist her vision of hope to the people.

 Spirit Journey with Deer, her name is "Milwaka" which means holy reformation of the law of love. This is the Heart Song from Milwaka, the female doe!

Eyes are meant to see the world. But often they don't see, the glory that comes into me.  The glory for all to see.  I say my heart will tell the world of what I am to be, if only you could find a way to be the heart of me! 

Come and dance, sing along, glory fill my days.  Running free over rolling hills, just in the time to see.  Can't you vibrate the song to me? (Willed One used energy work on the Deer to reduce suffering) Can't you feel the breeze? I know the song must dance within, for the sun to shine again. 

There is whispers come to me, they tell me I'm the One. The one they choose to fill the world with light from deep inside the void.  Can you feel the heart of the deer?  Can you feel my fur?  I will cover and blanket you.  I will fill your void (tears).

When the sun shines in the night (Shooting star in the daylight was seen by Willed One Whispering Silence as the Deer Milwaka takes her final breaths and departs this earthly realm into heavenly space near to protect). There I find my heart, I come to you to feel the breeze, the heart that needs the breeze.

Wait a moment, I will come to rescue you like pure doves (peace within).  I will guard and treasure you, for all you did for me.  Come and bless, the holy stream, the pure, the brave, the free. And I will dance and jump for you from shore to shining sea.

I can jump moons, this day.  I can sea (vision of the heart, heavenly space) my way.  My heart beckons all to come, the holy spiritual way. 

Drumbeat (time to reflect) Drumbeat

Did you feel my heart this way?  Did you feel the light?  I can say, my love never dies away, but grows us apart (roots).  I can dance and sing a song to find my way to you.  Sow, seeds are planted one for you to share with all the views (share with everyone).

Don't forget me!  Don't weep too long!  Because I am not gone. I only traveled to the other shore, the place we go from here. I will journey to and fro. I will grow and grow.  I will see the many realms, the places for all to travel for. 

Paradise is in glory be.  The places we don't see.  Tell them open their eyes, share their hearts and all the void will be filled.  I tell you the deer always fills.

Don't forget me.  Don't tear too long, for I am not gone.  My love will journey to you only after I have gone.  Don't worry, pray to God.  Don't worry, rely on God.  Don't worry my love won't part, because my heart is like a dart (aiming with direction).  Always knowing when to depart.  Always knowing the other shore (realms to realms, like from heaven to earth or earth to heaven).  Always knowing where to go home, for my love will guide me back to where I am from, the place of heaven, the place of earth, the place my eye (third eye, vision of heavenly dark space), see the earth.  

Love me.  Love you.  Love trees (the sacred teacher of love, the laws that united heaven and earth), that's the earth.  Don't fret. Don't give up hope.  Don't be shamed in your love, instead find glory in all you do, to bring the heart home again, to bring the heart home again, to bring the heart home, to you my friend (on the other shore, the place I travel towards).  My love, my life, my relative true, I'm the deer from you!

sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother and drum by holiness running eagle shooting star

Manik (Deer/Healing Hand) - instinctual, intuitive, ritual dance, stabilizes the four directions, purifies spirit to rise above limitations.

Deer energy represents the aspect of spiritual leadership, a day that opens a portal for all to express the holiness and sanctity of life. Many shamanic rituals were performed on Deer Days giving thanks to the Ancestors. Shamans themselves were initiated on the most sacred day of all, 8 (the eternity symbol) Deer. The Deer Dance Festival was an ancient ritual dance performed annually. It is still performed today by many native cultures and symbolizes equality and balance between man and nature, hunter and hunted, the sacred rhythm of the cosmic dance.
Deer energy is the silence of all that has gone before and all that will happen in the future reflected in the eyes of the deer. The glyph itself shows a healing hand. One interpretation is that the hand is holding the spark of life, the thread that connects our past and future with our present moment.

The energy of the Deer uplifts our spirit to rise above our worldly limitations. This can be an empowering time to speak freely about strongly held beliefs for the good of the community, family and/or self. This is especially important at this time because of the shift which Earth is presently experiencing. No longer can things remain the same with the same paradigms controlling events. Now is the time for change and now is the time for that change to be oriented toward the good of humanity. Let’s look to our ancestors for the knowledge and wisdom needed in the present moment to visualize and dream a new future.
Deer energy underlies (or influences) the days of 6 Eb, the ladder or pyramid of the Road of Life; 7 Ben, the pillar or World Tree, source of all inner power; and 8 Ix, the Jaguar, Lord of Darkness, who rules the Underworld or our shadow selves, and also the Lord of four-legged animals. The sacred protection and groundedness of Deer energy provides an opportunity to travel our spiritual path of inner exploration without fear.  We are then free to express our heart-felt beliefs
for the good of humanity.

As we journey through each day, utilize the sacred energy of Deer to connect with your spirituality. This is a great time to perform ceremony, ritual and dance giving thanks to the Ancestors for the gift of life and for the opportunity to live a new future on earth through expressions of love and peace.

Warriors of the Earth  

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